Will Travel. Will Travel?

source: another.point.in.time

I don’t know why but ever since I was a kid, I’ve dreamed of living far from where I am right now. It’s not out of bitter feelings. My family life is not perfect, sure, but the good things always outweighed the bad ones. And for the record: I love my family. All five of them. But the thing is.

The thing is this feeling of wanting to be somewhere else. The idea appealed to me then and it still appeals to me now: Living somewhere far from home, on my own, with a stable job. If I were taller, I’d have had the guts to apply as a flight attendant. I’ve looked into cruise ships job but I don’t think they’d want to take me.

But this I know: If I was meant to live somewhere else, then it will happen at the right time.


Author: Anna

Awed/delighted/floored with anything horror. Indulges in chocolates, blogging, writing, and reading. Attracted to the offbeat and the quirky / the odd and the strange / the weird and the eerie.

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