The Whirlwind Weekend

Can we do the weekend all over again? It was so good I totally forgot that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, milk tea and sleeping are the world’s greatest rush.

Whirlwind Weekend
The Whirlwind Weekend

image source: Schadow1

Saturday was awesome. Me and my teammates went to this lovely place up north and spent the weekend there. Saturday found me singing the karaoke, which I rarely do. But because all of us had to sing, I had no choice. Song I sang? Taylor Swift’s “Love Story.” And I got a 90. HA! Latest claim to fame: Sang a pop song. Got a 90. Other Saturday stuff: Exchange of gifts (I got a bathrobe), food and more food and bonding with friends.

Sunday was more action-packed. Can anyone say rappelling, wall climbing and zipline? Admittedly, I chickened out on the first two. While rappelling, I had this crazy, poor decision to look down. And when I did, my heart hammered furiously and it seemed like I was going to choke on my own saliva as I kept swallowing. Holy. Shit. If the rope holding me broke, I would plummet to my own death. Trembling all over, I concentrated on making my way up to the top. But while doing so, all I could think of was “Oh my God, oh my God, I’m all the way up here. What if I fall? Oh holy crap.” I was halfway through when I told them sorry, I just couldn’t make it all the way to the top. Yeah, I chickened out. Not my proudest moment but it was worth the try. Charge it to experience. Lesson learned: Never underestimate the power of heights. Note to self: Never overestimate your immunity to heights.

Wall climbing came next. The fun never stops! As I stood way, way up there and looked down at the ground way, way below there, I knew there was no going back. I knew what I had to do. I turned to the men handling us and asked them if there was another option to not go down there alone. The ending of my insane tryst with wall climbing? One of those men agreed to climb down the wall with me. I made sure we were together right from the start until the very end. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to fall to my death, dammit.

Zip line was the last in our day’s activities. We had to walk all the way to the top of the tower, had to be fitted in what looked like a (gulp!) black body bag, tied with ropes and to a cable, had to stand on top of a metal chair, and then asked to lean all the way forward until we resemble a pig about to be roasted. Except that as I fearfully, very, very cautiously leaned forward, I looked down and saw the ground sprawled below me. My heart stopped beating for a second there. Since they could only attend to one person at a time, I was left there hanging and wrapped in that black thing for about five minutes. It was only five minutes or less but it felt like eternity. I squelched the urge to howl and tell them that I changed my mind. I just want to go back to the hotel room, eat junk food and watch TV as I enjoy the air-conditioned room and the comfortable bed. But because there’s really nothing much I can do suspended in mid-air and because I didn’t have the strength to howl, I just joked and laughed with the others. The trick worked, people! I completely forgot I was high up there, wrapped like a bacon in a hotdog. When the time came for me to be released, I was zipping along the cable in an exhilarating rush, all fear and worries totally forgotten. As I reached the end of the cable, I nearly banged my head on the railings. I kid you not. If I wasn’t held back just in time ( like a second or two), I would’ve crashed into metal. True story. I was lucky I was caught just in time. My friend wasn’t so lucky. He went zipping back a few feet. I am laughing about that until now, especially since we have a picture of me grinning as I was hanging out there and he was in the background, a couple of feet behind me, looking totally stupid hilarious.

See that figure on the right? That's my friend who zipped back a couple of feet away because he wasn't caught in time. Don't worry, guys! He made it! He's still alive!

This was one of my best weekends to date. And I have the huge bruise on my right knee (not to mention the cute small ones on my other knee) to prove it. (I got it from the sack race.Me and my teammates kept on falling on our knees and hands. We kept on laughing every time. We were an epic failure in sack race. We lost, obviously.)



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