You Poor Unfortunate Soul!

I have always had other people do things for me: Wash the dishes, clean up my room, wash and iron my clothes, cook food, fix my documents, etc.

103/365 - "Is comfortable in different situations"
Are you comfortable now?

And that was one of my mom’s real regrets. She said we grew up spoiled. She said she should’ve let us take part in household chores while growing up. And right now, I can only agree with her. I feel like it’s only pretty recently that I realize her point. When I need a certain set of clothes for my work the next day, I turn to our housekeeper. Heck, even when I find a cockroach in the bathroom I call for our housekeeper. (But that one is valid because cockroaches scare the hell out of me.) Growing up, there were always a housekeeper or two to ask for help. It’s pretty convenient but it does not prepare you for standing on your own two feet, in more ways than one.

Sometimes I daydream about living on my own, preferably in a condominium or a flat. And I would have to own a coffee maker, dammit. Just because it’s what I think would make me feel the whole “It’s official. I’m independent and living on my own! HELL YEAH!” Then I’d pump my fist in the air.

Don’t get me wrong. We are by no means rich. I would like to think myself as lucky that while growing up, my parents made sure we were comfortable. Now that I am all grown up and life has changed for me, I know the value of money and I don’t take things for granted.

And in defense to whatever household skills I lack, I make up for by being the sensitive daughter. One who brings home fast food take outs as much as she can. Just because. Ahem!

image source: Helga Weber


Author: Anna

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