Early Morning, She Wakes Up…

Early morning stroll.
"Early morning stroll"

I think my body clock still hasn’t adjusted to waking up at past 4 in the morning. It takes every ounce and all of my strength just to peel myself off the bed and start getting ready to leave the house for work. And after being either in the night shift or the 9 AM shift, my brain has yet to come to grips with the fact that I walk along the street while the sun isn’t up and shining yet, that I play a ridiculous game wherein I cross the highway and dodge the oncoming vehicles at past 5 AM, and that I need to calm myself after crossing the highway, but not before frantically making an inventory of my body parts. Just so I can be sure that I didn’t leave something behind, like my nose (for instance),  lying there in the middle of the pavement, amidst the vehicles.

I love the early morning shift, though. I get off at 3 in the afternoon (Okay, I lie. I get off at around 3:30 PM.) and then after that? I can do as I please. Because this is the schedule of a normal human being. Good bye, coming to work at 9 in the evening and then leaving the office at a time when you can stick out a match under the sun and it will light up. Immediately. Yes, that’s how hot it is when you go out here past 6 AM. I kid you not. Some days are exceptional but you can’t bet your life on it. For heaven’s sake, don’t.

I know I mentioned somewhere in one of my posts that I’ll be putting up photos of my latest vacation. I had 5 days of pure bliss and it was awesome! I found myself hurtled into a pace where the local people are laid-back and relaxed, where you can walks along paths that lead to fields where they plant rice, AND I also went to a beach. The touristy type but not tacky at all. The place was oh-so-breathtaking. The stretch of white sands, the clear blue water, the strings of bars and restos, boutiques and cafes… SIGH! Just. Plain. Gorgeous.  I didn’t bring a camera but my friend did and he snapped wonderful photos during the whole trip. Yes, I will put them up soon.

Image source: “Early Morning Stroll” by Temari 09


Author: Anna

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