Who are you and where are you from?
My name’s Anna and I’m a chocoholic. I’m from the land of warm weather, corrupt government and Mall Of Asia. Read: The Philippines.

You mention “Adam” in some of your posts. Who is Adam?
Adam is my 1 year old cat. His world debut is January 19, 2011. He’s a mixed breed: Half Australian Blue Mist and half Chinchilla Persian. When he was a kitten, he used to be a troublemaker because he was quite frisky. Sometimes, he’s tired of being a troublemaker so he just sleeps. Internet, meet Adam a.k.a The Former Cat from Hell (He’s mellowed down now that he’s no longer a kitten):

Adam at 10.5 months
Adam at 10.5 months
Adam at 10 months
Adam at 10 months
The Cat from Hell
Adam at 2.5 months

Why do you blog? When did you start?
I blog because I enjoy the fact that along with the blogging process, I’ve not only expanded my creativity and my skills on coding but also because I’ve come across good things to read. And I have made good friends online through blogging.

I started to blog way back in 2000. Truth be told, I fell in love first with learning how to do the coding of layouts and such. The warm, fluttery feeling I get when I publish a blog added to it, though.

And now here is a place where I can voice out my thoughts quite, quite conveniently.

Why do you rarely post photos of yourself?
Because I do not want to be held responsible for giving you nightmares.


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