Stirring Something New

moving out
Moving on to something new, something better! 🙂

Dear Internet,

I am in the brink of starting something. Please don’t disappoint me now.

in a rush,

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To Add to the Bucket List

I thought that the Peanut Butter Moo’d from Jamba Juice was enough to make my day last Sunday. But no. NO. Because it gets even better after that. My friend told me about a Fully Booked branch in that place (Bonifacio High Street, Taguig) where there is Starbucks inside. You guys! You know what that means, right? Free reading + the scent of coffee permeating the place = Ohmygodijustdiedandwenttoheaven!

I just died and went to heaven.
I just died and went to heaven.

So I filed it in my mental todo list that I should make it a point to hang out at the bookstore in High Street. Right after buying a book or two. After purchasing my favorite weaknesses, I shall occupy a table in Starbucks there and then drool over read my new book. Or maybe I can start writing again. Something decent and not the hasty short proses I’ve lulled myself into creating. Who knows? Weirder things had happened.

Ah, that tingly feeling of having your own blog.
Ah, that tingly feeling of having your own blog.

And because time is gold and hey! Carpe diem, right? I will buy a website and design and edit my own blog. Widgets! Plugins! Photoshop! Textures! Brushes! (I am riding in cloud nine as I visualize all this in my head.)

AND THEN. And then I will write. I will pick up where I last left off with a fiction I have written two years ago, which is sporadically being edited and updated. Irregular outbursts of ideas. Absolutely unreliable.

"I think you lost what you loved in that mess of details."

If I’m not going to write, I will at least create something, be it a handmade collage or some graphics. My muse has been shriveling up and has learned a couple of swear words. I’m afraid it will either leave me or end up dead. So. Save the muse! Waste not thy creativity!

Save, save, save, SAVE FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!

Also, I need to save up. This one I cannot emphasize enough. If I could, I would put up a blinking sign at the foot of my bed that says, “Save up money, dammit!” Just so I could let that sink in each and every time I wake up and go to bed. Note to self: Color of this sign could be black and white or pale, pale yellow and royal blue. I’m receptive to those colors. They could help in inspiring my drive to save up. *cough cough* Who knows? *cough cough*

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