To Quote Stephen King: “Full Dark, No Stars”

Early Monday Morning
Early Morning, Good Morning!

5:25 a.m. I shuffle my tiny feet and get off the jeepney. I then start my short, nondescript journey towards McDonald’s. The sun has not yet risen. The air is brisk and a bit cool.

5:28 a.m.  Inside McDonald’s, everything is bright and I could count with one hand the number of people eating in the outdoor area.

5:32 a.m. I head back outside and then proceed to my brief trek towards the office.

5:58 a.m. The packets of sugar and creamer are on my desk. I pause in the middle of pouring the first sugar. Should I go ahead and put all three or limit myself to two? I dump all three. I have sweet tooth. Why throw caution to the wind?

This short trip from my house to McDonald’s to the office still has me feeling that something is off. The things around me seemed like versions of themselves in an alternate universe. The roads were not clogged with public utility vehicles and private automobiles. The church area was not teeming with people. And as I walked to and from McDonald’s, it was dark and quiet. Everything was just hushed. It’s unsettling and believe it or not, it got me worried. Worried for reasons I don’t know. Like I said, it’s probably the feeling of being off. Like someone pulled the rug from underneath my feet and I when I landed on my butt, I looked around only to find that all the things I held familiar weren’t so familiar anymore.

image source: “Dawn” by Niznoz


More Coffee? I’m Too Sleepy…

I'm sleepy and the rainy weather does not help.
I'm sleepy and the rainy weather does not help.

I can’t stop myself from yawning. And I found myself dozing off for a couple of seconds in front of the PC. I just want to lie down on a comfortable bed and snuggle into soft, soft pillows and an equally soft, soft blanket.

Third day of being in the morning shift can be summed up to this:

one tall Java Chip from Starbucks
a rainy weather
total lack of sleep
dozing off

I should be sound asleep by 9 in the evening later today, dammit. I do not want a repeat of this tomorrow or the the day after or the next couple of days, weeks and months.


Oops! Sorry. I dozed off again.

image source: deadoll

Coffee Early in the Morning

The Zombie's Coffee
The Zombie's Coffee

Note to self: Stop buying coffee at McDonald’s. For now. Only for now.

Reason: You lack hours and hours of sleep. You have your monthly visitor. Both things, when introduced to coffee at such an ungodly early hour is like dancing around furiously, maddeningly and then suddenly crashing straight into the arms of the fiery pits of hell.

Yes, it is THAT awful. I kid you not. I feel like I’m floating somewhere above the ceiling, seeing a zombie version of myself trying to function and pass off as a human being.

The coffee does not help at all (I do not blame you, McDonald’s. Don’t worry. I still love you!) and I have the sneaking suspicion it helps amplify this feeling of being disconnected from my own mind and body.

At least my headache is gone. In its place is this weirdly numb, disconnected feeling. I feel like I’m floating and the world is one giant fuzz. A white giant fuzz blurred at the edges.

Tomorrow, maybe I’ll go for Starbucks latte instead. Just to see if I’d get the same result or if their coffee is just sugar in disguise. Isn’t this a fun experiment? See which coffee your system is most compatible with!

image source: ThiagoMartins

The Coffee Story

Nearly everyday, I spend a part of my budget on milk tea. And so you can just imagine how loose I am with my money. But that’s another story. Today is a story on coffee.

"Let Nothing You Dismay"
"Let Nothing You Dismay"

So today me and my friend/officemate/teammate went to one of the three bubble milk tea stores called Gong Cha (it is by far the best among the three, according to my taste buds). I usually order the plain milk tea. No pearls, no jellies, no nothing. I want the drink to go smoothly into my mouth without those dark, round jellies blocking the liquid’s path. If it’s not the plain milk tea, it’s the Alisan Milk Tea. But tonight? Tonight I dared my taste buds to try Gong Cha’s coffee.

And now I am regretful I even dared try. If my taste buds could speak, they would no doubt be cursing me from here until eternity. Now don’t get me wrong. I love Gong Cha. I love it so much that I nearly empty my pockets just to get one of their milk teas almost everyday. But their coffee just didn’t sit well with me. I like my coffee sweet and creamy. Their coffee was just too strong and even with sugar, it was a bit bitter for my taste.

Moral of the story: Sometimes, it’s okay to be not daring. Especially when it’s your taste buds involved. (Thank goodness my stomach did not react on their “House Special Coffee”!!!)

image source: cliff1066™