Short-Cuts to Everyday Life, Volume I

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The Getting Up and Getting Ready for Work Edition:

Lately, it seems that the weeks turned into months and a chunk of my life just got sucked into the blackhole and I am left to being awed and feeling stupid. Because in retrospect, I could’ve done more with my life. Case in point: Last week, I could’ve eaten that Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzard instead of convincing myself by lying to my own face that I don’t need ice-cream, it’s just a whimsical hunger pang. And dammit, I need to save!

Only to find myself buying a large-sized milk tea, which is more expensive than the ice-cream. Ha! Who’s crazy now?

before leaving for work
Shortcuts? Hooray! Let’s work on this!

As an ode to a maximized life and not feel as if I’m running after a train which just started to leave, I took notice of the little things and here are what I found:

  1. Shower time – Scrub at night, just before you go to bed. That way, when you shower in the morning before leaving for work, you can forgo the loofah and only use soap.
  2. Soap – Do not buy any more Dove soaps. It just doesn’t rinse off easily. Right now, I’m using this goat milk soap which does not only rinse off easily but softens my skin and it smells delicious. I kid you not.
  3. Shampoo – By a clear one, not those types which take forever to get it off your head. I recently bought White Rain Volumizing Shampoo. It makes my hair look more bedhead than glamorous or even behaved, but I still haven’t scared someone to death, so I guess it’s still safe to use it.
  4. Lotion – Skip the lotion in the morning. Save it right before hitting bedtime. The obvious reason for this is because I am too much in a hurry in the early morning when I leave for work. I need to take as much short-cuts to my routine as possible.
  5. Wardrobe – Either plan what you’re going to wear before going to sleep or just do it like me: All tops are basically the same and pretty much interchangeable. This is for the sole purpose of just grabbing something from the closet, putting it on and ta-da! I’m off to work, people!
  6. Shoes – Buy pumps with neutral tones or basic colors so it’s a no-brainer to match them with anything you own.
  7. Eating – Okay, I actually have nothing to say here. I stuff in my mouth whatever I crave for at the given moment. Guilty as charged: I’m not a diet buff.
  8. Make-up – I don’t put this on anymore but when I have to, I stick with the necessities: Face powder or BB Cream and colored lip balm. If I’m feeling more blah than the usual, I torture my eyelashes with a decent curler just to add an extra oomph to my eyes.
  9. Combing hair – Okay, I’m not sure if you’re going to get on the wagon with me on this one but this is what I do: I leave the house with my hair uncombed. While walking down the street, that’s when I start to comb my hair. Just like in number three, I haven’t given heart attacks to other pedestrians so I guess it’s okay too.
  10. Snacks – I buy my standard favorites in the grocery. I buy them in packs so I can take one or two to the office. Stuff some Oreos and potato chips in my bag and dump them on my desk at the office. At least I know I won’t go hungry in the middle of making/managing websites.

And that is all I have for you today. Tidbits of totally unnecessary way of cheating the seconds that tick by. Hopefully Volume 2 will make much more sense. But if you’ve been following my blog, you’d know better than to expect me making sense most of the time. Life is a hoot. Let’s catch those lemons, make ’em lemonades, toast our glasses, and laugh and converse and de-stress!

image source: Angelina 🙂


You Poor Unfortunate Soul!

I have always had other people do things for me: Wash the dishes, clean up my room, wash and iron my clothes, cook food, fix my documents, etc.

103/365 - "Is comfortable in different situations"
Are you comfortable now?

And that was one of my mom’s real regrets. She said we grew up spoiled. She said she should’ve let us take part in household chores while growing up. And right now, I can only agree with her. I feel like it’s only pretty recently that I realize her point. When I need a certain set of clothes for my work the next day, I turn to our housekeeper. Heck, even when I find a cockroach in the bathroom I call for our housekeeper. (But that one is valid because cockroaches scare the hell out of me.) Growing up, there were always a housekeeper or two to ask for help. It’s pretty convenient but it does not prepare you for standing on your own two feet, in more ways than one.

Sometimes I daydream about living on my own, preferably in a condominium or a flat. And I would have to own a coffee maker, dammit. Just because it’s what I think would make me feel the whole “It’s official. I’m independent and living on my own! HELL YEAH!” Then I’d pump my fist in the air.

Don’t get me wrong. We are by no means rich. I would like to think myself as lucky that while growing up, my parents made sure we were comfortable. Now that I am all grown up and life has changed for me, I know the value of money and I don’t take things for granted.

And in defense to whatever household skills I lack, I make up for by being the sensitive daughter. One who brings home fast food take outs as much as she can. Just because. Ahem!

image source: Helga Weber

I Lost Track of Time

It seemed only pretty recently that my life consisted of work, of parties (they aren’t the fancy ones; just at homes of friends, usually) and generally just having fun.

And then 2011 stepped in, all sly and yet assuming. It even had the gall to make my friends want to settle down, if not get their serious relationships even more serious with plans of geting married. When I’m around my friends, oddly enough, I feel like I’m their chaperone. Even though I’m the one attending parties in solo flight, going to bars on occasions with “single” stamped on my forehead, I feel like I ought to be the one whipping out a fantastic crochet and shushing everyone to be quiet and be well-behaved. While stroking the cat on my lap.

In a circle wherein my friends are getting serious left and right, I feel like I was accidentally placed in the wrong place and time. I feel like I’m someone’s sixth toe. You know, that one creature everyone can’t help but stare at.

I had my parents worried. (“Had” because they have reached the point of acceptance now). I have my siblings worried (present tense used because apparently, they are still convinced and hoping that I will eventually find a man I will marry). I’M not worried. I know better than to get involved in a relationship just because I NEED someone. I can very much stand on my own, thank you. One of my brothers complained that I was too emotionally independent for my own good. I think I’ll take that as a compliment.

In the meantime, while I’m single and not looking and leaving things up to Fate (and watching “True Blood” and eating junk food and gulping down coffee during the weekends), the world can tune in to other things and not hold its breath. Because I doubt I’ll fall in love soon and easily. But yes, I do make a great friend with boys and their girlfriends and wives don’t even have to worry because I am the epitome of loyalty, fidelity and trust. Amen.

Blaming This One on the Weather

I’m feeling under the weather because of the weather.

It’s my twin nephews’ birthday today. I was planning on buying them donuts from a local (but oh-so tasty!) donut shop and told them about it yesterday. They were all so excited it was rather cute. I mean, who else but kids get all excited because of donuts?

But alas. That donut would have to wait. I’m sorry, O Twins of Disaster & Wreckage!

I’m thinking this blog should be more spruced up with photos. Not just photos of Adam the Fat Cat but other photos as well. The places I go to, this subdivision where I live, the sights I see at times… Yeah. I’ll see if I can actually throw in a couple of pictures. Fair warning: I don’t take good photos. I like what I see, I take a snapshot, I upload it in the web. But if you want help with writing, I am your go-to girl!

Better get more rest. They say there’s no rest for the wicked. Well, I’M going to get some rest right now. Does that make me not wicked? Should I expect angel wings to sprout on my back? Perhaps a halo to pop up on top of my head? First row dibs in Heaven?

AH WELL. Time to take some rest. I’m meandering with words now. Have a good day/evening, everybody!

A Blast from the Past

My bestfriend is getting married. My older brother is getting married. Even those people I never expected to get married are getting married. It only means one thing: Life is conspiring against me in order to pressure me to get married.

Life, you can go ahead and not hold your breath. You have my express permission.

It’s not like I PLANNED on staying single. It’s not like I have an aversion to settling down and having kids. (Fun fact on a sidenote: I kick ass with baby-sitting. Because I adore kids and I have the patience of a saint. But I don’t demand a halo.) It’s just that I’m a fatalist. Or so I’d like to think. “I don’t hurry love when I’m making up my mind.”

My friends all keep wondering why haven’t I found someone to get serious with. They say things ranging from the ridiculous to the sweet. Things like “You’re pretty, you’re smart, you’re sweet, men have taken interest on you. What’s taking you so long in breaking away from being single?”

Folks, I have an answer to that and it’s this: I’ll get serious when I know it’s worth it. No doubt in my mind on that one. For now, I’m content with hanging out with my friends, having DVD marathons, attending a party here and there, and spending time with my family. Until then, I’m going to save all I’ve got for the man I’ll truly fall in love with and have an awesome, serious relationship with.

I know, I know. I should date around, get in relationships with various men. But it’s just not who I am. What can I say? I may love going out and socializing at some point but when it comes to this aspect in my life? I’m a throwback from the past.