It was Love at First Sight

Adam rarely shows any real interest at anything I have ever bought for him,with the exception of food. Toys and other stuff do not mean anything to him, even when he was a kitten. Case in point: Last week I bought him a scratching post and thought he would love it. But the moment he saw it, he ran away as fast as he could and couldn’t even bear to spare it a glance. Let alone go near it. The way he reacted, you’d think the scratching post would suddenly morph into one huge monster and run after him. Why did I even get my hopes up about this?

But then I saw a couple of pictures of him which my sister took. He was happily playing with a umbrella. Do you know what this means? Adam has found a plaything! He did not run away from something but instead chose to actually interact with it! What a milestone! There is hope for him yet! Miracles do happen!

I reckon that it was love at first sight for Adam when he saw that umbrella.

Adam and the Umbrella Part I
"You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, ey ey ey!"
Adam and the Umbrella Part II
"I love this umbrella!"

Look What Baby Girl Brought Home!

I was in the middle of watching the latest installment of “Harry Potter” when I heard my sister screaming her head off from outside. I ignored it at first. I knew she was walking her three month-old puppy out in the street and chances are her reason for screaming like a banshee could be one of the following:

a. The puppy ran away from her when it saw a cat or another dog or a colorful gnome.
b. The puppy was in a frisky mood and was nipping at her.
c. The puppy decided that chewing rocks was a new fun pastime.

It turns out I was close to option “C.” When I peered through the window and called out to my sister, I was greeted with a half wail, half moan peppered with unintelligible words. So I went outside and I was greeted with the fact that the Labrador/Rottweiler mix was clenching a large dead rat between its mouth. And it stank. And before I knew it, they had stepped into the house. And before I knew it, I was trying to get the dead rat out of the puppy’s mouth with a brush that had a long wooden handle. Next thing I know, there were three of us trying to get that rat out of its mouth. Count us: THREE. My sister was holding the puppy with both her hands. Later, I would learn that the puppy was without a leash.

We caused a ruckus, the five of us (including the puppy). After the scene we made, I felt pretty much exhausted. I’ve said this line over and over again, ever since we got my kitten, ever since we got that puppy. I said this line before and I’ll say it again: Taking care of a baby is much, much easier compared to this.

The Day I Thought It Was Wednesday

Today is Wednesday. I thought all along it was Wednesday. But then my mother and my sister –

My mother and my sister were one stop short from going up in arms about how I got the day wrong. Today is THURSDAY.

But of course. Of course it’s Thursday and of course I was one day behind in my own little world.

That kitten. He just isn’t as frisky as he used to be when I left last night. Now he’s all sleep and baby meows. I worry.

Then there’s “True Blood.” I must’ve been watching too much of it, as I woke up thinking I was in the parking lot of Merlotte’s. And then somewhere in my head I would think, “Where’s Bill?” Only to realize I am going to be late for work if I don’t get my butt out of the bed RIGHT THAT INSTANCE.

Should’ve Renamed Him “The Cat from Hell”

So I impulsively bought a kitten last Friday and I didn’t realize how much I was subconsciously wanting a laid-back kitten until I got a chubby 2.5 month-old Australian Blue Mist/Chinchilla Persian who refuses to listen to instructions, whether said instructions were delivered firmly or gently.

On said kitten’s first day with me and my family, I was torn between chucking him out the street along with his toys, food and water bowls plus one collar and two leashes and pampering him with the best food and the best toys. In the end, he’s always too adorable to kick out our house.

I named my kitten Adam but after just two days of him screwing our otherwise gentle (although filled with boisterous laughter, corny jokes and crazy antics and squabbles) household, I realized I should’ve name him Hurricane or Cat from Hell.

It’s a love-hate thing.