Before the Grand Entrance of Prince Charming

Fire & Ice
Can opposites really attract?

Will he be the Yin to my Yang?

Will he complement me or will both of us be cut from the same cloth?

Here’s a list that gnaws at my brain:

  1. He will be into PC games and I will never understand his obsession with “Guitar Hero” or “Skyrim.”
  2. He actually reads the newspaper. (And by that I don’t mean that he skips everything else and dives right into the Entertainment/Leisure section – That would be me.) AND THEN, as if that isn’t enough, he would tweet or blog about it or post it on Facebook.
  3. He knows – REALLY knows – what Java or Ruby (or both because he is terrifically, annoyingly smart) is. He knows that Java does not only pertain to that delicious, wonderful rice.
  4. When conversing or blogging or tweeting or even posting to Instagram, he occasionally throws in words like “mordant” or “vestiges” or “anachronism” or “antebellum” and it is not to brag orĀ  make the rest of us feel bad for not taking enough time to at least use the dictionary and actually expand our vocabulary. No, he uses those words because, dude, that IS part of his language.
  5. He knows grown-up things, geeky things, smart things, things those creatures from Mars know. AND he can discuss it or debate about it for hours.
  6. And (this is the frightening part) he prefers non-fiction books over fiction. (I have a hard time picturing the two of us side by side, him reading Jacques Derrida’s works while I’m reading this book about dragons and fairies and trolls. This imagery just does not balance out.)
  7. His favorite TV programs would be somewhere along the likes of National Geographic or History Channel. I can just see how I could discuss its parallelism with my choice of TV shows such as “Supernatural” and “Chuck.” Yep, it definitely sounds like a match made in heaven.
  8. He is health conscious. Holy crap. I can see the relationship going downhill the moment I EVEN DARE put those junk food in my mouth.
  9. He’s tech savvy. He knows the latest gadgets. As he rattles off about, um, some (ahem!) latest gadget’s specs and its pros and cons and then proceeds to a passionate monologue about it, I would just gawk at him and then say, “I’m sorry. You lost me when you said [insert tech jargon of your choice here].”
  10. He is cool, calm and composed and knows how to deal with anyone and anything – from his boss to his colleagues to his mom and right down to his grandfather. (I get flustered and I panic when I’m caught off-guard by anyone. Heck. Even my sister’s dog catches me off-guard countless times with her (the dog, not my sister) crazy antics and I’m always left slack-jawed and incoherent.)

Do you see where this list is going? Now do you see why I worry?

Because the list above describes someone who is ABSOLUTELY the complete opposite of who/what I am. And believe it or not, I have never been with a relationship with someone who actually fits into any of the item in the list above. True story.

* image source: Mighty Cud