I Know, But…

I am in love.


But it has nothing to do with a person. It has something to do with this TV show that I have recently been hooked into.

Not your ordinary fairy tales.

Yes, this is the “Grimm” TV series which kicked off last year. It reminded a little (just a little) of “Supernatural.” What fascinated me about this one is that they gave something else to the term “fairy tales.”

Nick researching
The lead character, Nick, researching on his current supernatural enemy.

The story started when Nick, a cop, discovers he is the last in the line of Grimms. Know all those fairy tales you read about, written by the brothers Grimm? It turns out that those aren’t merely fairy tales at all but documentations of all the supernatural forces they have encountered over the years. And this cop Nick is the last in the line of descendants. And there the story unravels.

Grimm tree creature
Hello, supernatural creature!

He encounters different creatures. Yes, there’s the Big Bad Wolf, the Three Little Pigs and others more. But the first scary one I saw in the first episode? This:

Grimm - girl zombie
Holy crap. This scared me!

This one was too reminiscent of those… things I saw in the horror movie from way back, “The Exorcism of Emily Rose.” And needless to say, that movie scared the crap out of me. Here is another screen capture, just because I want to scare myself even more:

Grimm - girl zombie nurse
What if your nurse looked like this one???

I think the show is good mainly because the pacing is enough to keep you on edge and the twists just keep you guessing. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Nick is HAWT.

Grimm - Nick pointing a gun
If Nick points a gun at me, I would be smiling & feeling lucky. Too hot to handle, this guy is.

And I like how efficient the tandem is. Cops Nick and Hank? Funny, reliable, alert, solid as rocks, and witty as hell. What’s not to love about them?

Grimm - Hank & Nick
Cop buddies, Nick & Hank, can handle any case with humor and efficiency. Plus points for them!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m in love. I’m in love with this show. I owe my brother for telling me about this one but when I told him about my gratefulness, he said to me, “What are you talking about? I never mentioned to you this ‘Grimm’ TV series. I meant the movie! You got the wrong Grimm reference!” Okay. So I did get my hands on the wrong Grimm but hey. That error was destined to fill my weekends, to make me look forward to kicking back and relaxing on a weekend night, totally glued to the TV.

P.S. Watch out for another character, a reformed wolf named Eddie Monroe. He is funny and adorable and I think he has OCD.

Grimm - Eddie Monroe (Big Bad Wolf)
The reformed Big Bad Wolf (a.k.a. The Clockmaker).

Image sources: “Grimm” poster, Monroe in wolf form, Monroe in human form, “Grimm” photos


2012 Wishlist

Everyone has already whipped out their pens and papers (or for those who are not so old-fashioned, let me rephrase that: whipped out their tablets/PCs/mobile phones) and then jotted (Tweeted/posted in Facebook) down their Christmas wishlist. I never had a Christmas wishlist, whether in pen & paper or digital. Instead, I’ll have a 2012 Wishlist. The wishlist. At least I have 12 months, 365 days, 52 weeks… You guys! I have a whole year to make any of them come true! Perfect for someone as indifferent as I am about goals and plans!

Internet and all ye readers, I present thee my 2012 wishlist:

iphone 4S
A new toy to play with - an iphone 4S! *drool*

a) iphone 4S – Okay, okay. So I want this for a shallow reason: Instagram. Or Hipstamatic. Or Snapseed.

Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles
Dean Winchester (real name: Jensen Ackles)

b) One of my most favorite shows, Supernatural, is on to its seventh season. And ever since I first laid eyes on Dean Winchester, it was love at first sight. The clouds parted and the angels sang a song so awesome lovely that it brought tears to my eyes. If I could see him in person, I would peel off all my shyness and actually ask for a picture with him. Because he is too sexy to not pose for a picture with him.

Pack your bags. Let's go somewhere and turn it into something else.

c) I want to travel. Wisely. I want to go to places and explore this vast, chaotic, wonderful, colorful world that I have the privilege to be born into. I want to indulge myself in something old and new at the same time, soaking in the culture/sub-culture and wrapping myself with it for a couple of days.

Write, write, write!
Write anything each day.

d) I want to write more. And actually complete a full fiction. I’ve been buying notebooks on impulses but never really paid attention to it after buying. But this 2012? This should be the year that I start something and end something, no excuses.

Chuck Bartowski
Adorably geeky. Charming. Funny.

e) And finally, this. A man who is, for the most part, like Chuck Bartowski. Adorably geeky (or at least can impart interesting things and converse with me about those things), charmingly needs to polish up a little on his self-confidence, a man who knows what “family” means, strong (not physically), sticks to his guns, dependable and reliable and funny.

Please take note that they are in random order. Whatever or whoever comes first in 2012, I shall welcome with open, loving arms.

image sources: Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles, travel photo, writing photo, Chuck image

Just When You Think You’ve Had Enough

Of all the horror movies I have watched, both foreign and local, it was “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” which scared the crap out of me. I could not be left alone for three days. Count them: Three. You’d think it would be Kayako from “The Grudge” or Sadako from “The Ring” which would give me the shivers and the ice-cold finger of fear running down my spine. But no, it’s the movie about demonic possession. Because as far as I’m concerned, demons/devils are far more real than all those Sadakos and the corpse of a long dead woman crawling her way down the stairs.

I was doing my weekend homework (read: scrounging around the net for upcoming horror films) when I came across “The Devil Inside.” So I watched the trailer to see if it would interest me or scare the heck out of me. It turns out it was both. The trailer is very good. Scary. So scary that I think I have cussed more times than I would like to admit while watching it.

The story starts when a woman goes to Italy to see her mother. Her mother had killed three people during an exorcism. When the daughter goes to see her long lost, estranged mother, that’s when she witnesses firsthand the horrors of the supernatural. I have included the link for one unofficial trailer of “The Devil Inside” because I think it captures the film’s storyline well and it is plain creepy and scary. I will make it a point to not watch this horror movie alone. Enjoy the trailers!

P.S. “The Devil Inside” is said to be shown on January 6, 2012.

link to the other trailer – unofficial – “The Devil Inside”