A Slice of Sunshine

We all know that life isn’t fair but I often forget that fact because I choose to overlook it. When something wrong happens to me, I always try to look at the bright side, laugh at my situation, poke fun of it. Sure, I’d pout and throw a histrionic fit about it but it doesn’t usually last for long. It’s just that I hate dwelling on the negative. But sometimes, when all the negative vibes you’ve tried so hard to set aside come piling down on you in one great crash, it’s hard to keep the rose-colored glasses on, eh?

But back to the mundane, the usual: Weekend was pretty much fun. Hung out with my friends from my previous company. Got invited to a trip outside the city. Managed to sleep for 14 hours straight. The weather is better now (No more storm. Hooray!). And I’m starting the read the first Anita Blake novel. And did I tell you, I’m eating junk food and drinking iced tea while doing so.

Half the time, it’s the little things that make me smile and relax.