Short-Cuts to Everyday Life, Volume I

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The Getting Up and Getting Ready for Work Edition:

Lately, it seems that the weeks turned into months and a chunk of my life just got sucked into the blackhole and I am left to being awed and feeling stupid. Because in retrospect, I could’ve done more with my life. Case in point: Last week, I could’ve eaten that Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzard instead of convincing myself by lying to my own face that I don’t need ice-cream, it’s just a whimsical hunger pang. And dammit, I need to save!

Only to find myself buying a large-sized milk tea, which is more expensive than the ice-cream. Ha! Who’s crazy now?

before leaving for work
Shortcuts? Hooray! Let’s work on this!

As an ode to a maximized life and not feel as if I’m running after a train which just started to leave, I took notice of the little things and here are what I found:

  1. Shower time – Scrub at night, just before you go to bed. That way, when you shower in the morning before leaving for work, you can forgo the loofah and only use soap.
  2. Soap – Do not buy any more Dove soaps. It just doesn’t rinse off easily. Right now, I’m using this goat milk soap which does not only rinse off easily but softens my skin and it smells delicious. I kid you not.
  3. Shampoo – By a clear one, not those types which take forever to get it off your head. I recently bought White Rain Volumizing Shampoo. It makes my hair look more bedhead than glamorous or even behaved, but I still haven’t scared someone to death, so I guess it’s still safe to use it.
  4. Lotion – Skip the lotion in the morning. Save it right before hitting bedtime. The obvious reason for this is because I am too much in a hurry in the early morning when I leave for work. I need to take as much short-cuts to my routine as possible.
  5. Wardrobe – Either plan what you’re going to wear before going to sleep or just do it like me: All tops are basically the same and pretty much interchangeable. This is for the sole purpose of just grabbing something from the closet, putting it on and ta-da! I’m off to work, people!
  6. Shoes – Buy pumps with neutral tones or basic colors so it’s a no-brainer to match them with anything you own.
  7. Eating – Okay, I actually have nothing to say here. I stuff in my mouth whatever I crave for at the given moment. Guilty as charged: I’m not a diet buff.
  8. Make-up – I don’t put this on anymore but when I have to, I stick with the necessities: Face powder or BB Cream and colored lip balm. If I’m feeling more blah than the usual, I torture my eyelashes with a decent curler just to add an extra oomph to my eyes.
  9. Combing hair – Okay, I’m not sure if you’re going to get on the wagon with me on this one but this is what I do: I leave the house with my hair uncombed. While walking down the street, that’s when I start to comb my hair. Just like in number three, I haven’t given heart attacks to other pedestrians so I guess it’s okay too.
  10. Snacks – I buy my standard favorites in the grocery. I buy them in packs so I can take one or two to the office. Stuff some Oreos and potato chips in my bag and dump them on my desk at the office. At least I know I won’t go hungry in the middle of making/managing websites.

And that is all I have for you today. Tidbits of totally unnecessary way of cheating the seconds that tick by. Hopefully Volume 2 will make much more sense. But if you’ve been following my blog, you’d know better than to expect me making sense most of the time. Life is a hoot. Let’s catch those lemons, make ’em lemonades, toast our glasses, and laugh and converse and de-stress!

image source: Angelina ๐Ÿ™‚


Too Much, Too Late

Today started off with this: My alarm went off at exactly 4:20 a.m.

Good morning!
Good morning, I'm Late for Work!

I turned off the alarm and gave myself permission to sleep for 5 minutes more.

5:08 a.m. – My eyes flew open all to suddenly. By force of habit, I grabbed my mobile phone and checked the time. Crap. At this time, I should have been getting ready to leave the house. I shot up out of bed like you wouldn’t believe and made it to the bathroom in record time. I was lightning fast! I was faster than a speeding bullet! Ha! Take that, Superman!

5:21 a.m. – After taking The World’s Fastest Shower, I am in the passenger seat of our family car. My head is aching due to the ungodly way of getting out of bed. (It only means that I didn’t stretch out and lay there for a couple of seconds before sitting up and dragging my ass out of bed. Oh so slowly.)

6:06 a.m. – I clocked in the office. I am late! Hurrah! This 6 in the morning shift is proving me wrong. I can get late. I am not as invincible as I used to think.

And let me tell you, hurrying along the pavement while taking notice of the sun beginning to shoot out its rays on the not-so-dark-now sky felt weird. Usually, I come into the office when the sky is still dark and the sun has not yet screamed out at the world in its blazing glory.

Tangent: My mom has an iPhone 4S now. How unfair is that? She didn’t even want an iPhone 4S. Maybe I could wheedle her in scrounging around for long ago gaming consoles like the Family Computer or even an Atari. Or both. Tell her to stick with what technology she knows by heart and can use even with both her eyes shut. HAHA.

image source: Always Be Cool

Early Morning, She Wakes Up…

Early morning stroll.
"Early morning stroll"

I think my body clock still hasn’t adjusted to waking up at past 4 in the morning. It takes every ounce and all of my strength just to peel myself off the bed and start getting ready to leave the house for work. And after being either in the night shift or the 9 AM shift, my brain has yet to come to grips with the fact that I walk along the street while the sun isn’t up and shining yet, that I play a ridiculous game wherein I cross the highway and dodge the oncoming vehicles at past 5 AM, and that I need to calm myself after crossing the highway, but not before frantically making an inventory of my body parts. Just so I can be sure that I didn’t leave something behind, like my nose (for instance),ย  lying there in the middle of the pavement, amidst the vehicles.

I love the early morning shift, though. I get off at 3 in the afternoon (Okay, I lie. I get off at around 3:30 PM.) and then after that? I can do as I please. Because this is the schedule of a normal human being. Good bye, coming to work at 9 in the evening and then leaving the office at a time when you can stick out a match under the sun and it will light up. Immediately. Yes, that’s how hot it is when you go out here past 6 AM. I kid you not. Some days are exceptional but you can’t bet your life on it. For heaven’s sake, don’t.

I know I mentioned somewhere in one of my posts that I’ll be putting up photos of my latest vacation. I had 5 days of pure bliss and it was awesome! I found myself hurtled into a pace where the local people are laid-back and relaxed, where you can walks along paths that lead to fields where they plant rice, AND I also went to a beach. The touristy type but not tacky at all. The place was oh-so-breathtaking. The stretch of white sands, the clear blue water, the strings of bars and restos, boutiques and cafes… SIGH! Just. Plain. Gorgeous.ย  I didn’t bring a camera but my friend did and he snapped wonderful photos during the whole trip. Yes, I will put them up soon.

Image source: “Early Morning Stroll” by Temari 09

Yesterday’s Headline: The Epic Fail Series, Part One

Learn to laugh at your mistakes.
Learn to laugh at your mistakes! ๐Ÿ™‚

I didn’t know what possessed me, striking this big fat straw on the cover of the roasted milk tea I bought for lunch. I was on the escalator and, believing that sometimes time is gold, I thought to seize every second. So while on the oh-so-slow escalator, I sliced the straw through the plastic cover. Only to find out that the straw didn’t actually make it. The milk tea did, though. It oozed out from the small hole I managed to idiotically make on its thin plastic cover. It dripped down my left foot. FAIL. I had to go to the nearest restroom just to wipe the mess I made. Is this what seven hours’ worth of sleep do to you?

And then. AND THEN. A few hours later after that, I accidentally clicked the “call” button found in my office’s private messaging system. And guess who I just called? One of the bosses. I wanted to:

a) run around the room , jump up and down and tear my hair out from embarrassment
b) make the ground beneath me just open up and swallow me whole… without a trace

But of course this is reality. So What happened was this: I just stared at the screen as the monitor indicated “calling [insert name of boss]” because really, it was all I can do at that moment of sheer panic and pure embarrassment. Luckily, my fingers had more sense than my brain. It hit the cancel button while I sat there, frozen.

Moral of the story: Seven hours’ worth of sleep is notย enough. Go for seven hours and a half, just to be safe.

image source:ย Chapendra

I Am… The Sleep Surfer!

Working at night isn’t really the same as having a day job. Even if you get to sleep for 7 or even 8 hours, you still wake up tired. At least, that’s what’s happening to me. I used to be okay the first couple of months but I guess what they say is true.Payback IS the bitch ๐Ÿ™‚

I find myself nearly dozing off by the time 2 AM or 3 AM rolls around. If only I could stick an IV dripping coffee to my body. My co-workers extend beyond their shift for 2 hours, sometimes 3 or 4 or even more. I can’t do that regularly. My body will react negatively.

With the rainy weather we’ve been having (Rain, you suck. I hate you.) and with me stubbornly refusing to lug around an umbrella (I wear hooded jackets instead), I’m just walking under the rain hoping I don’t get sick.